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Image by Timon Klauser

Our Work

Project In is actively serving in Barcelona to improve the quality of life of the local community through engagement with art, with their projects Hip Hop Project In, Project In Sound High, Project In Co-create. 

The Yoga Project In and Circus Project In projects will soon start their activities so that we can engage and address wider audiences and age groups more effectively.


A cultural and therapeutic space for youth to express themselves….


The “Hip Hop Project In” aims to apply recently developed Integral Hip Hop Intervention methodology to prevent and reduce the risks of cognitive disorders of youth at risk.

For artists to connect  & empower each other.

Project IN Co-Create provides artists the space and activities to get to know other artists’ work and create possibilities of artistic co-working.

Image by Max Kukurudziak

Provides the space to truly enjoy electronic music as an art form for the flow state.

Project In Sound High aims to debilitate the connection between electronic music and drug consumption while creating events and activities to increase engagement with the art form.

A space to heal with unity

Coming soon...

Image by kike vega
Image by Peggy Anke


Having fun could be the answer for the psychological wounds of the children


Coming soon...

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