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Project IN

INtegration  INclusion  INtervention  INspiration

Project IN is a non-governmental non-profit organization with the aim of increasing the quality of life of the local immigrant and refugee population through inclusive creative arts and culturally sensitive therapeutic interventions. 

Image by Rita Vicari

Our Story

Project In emerged its first project when the Hip Hop-based music therapy practices of Salih Gulbay with immigrant and refugee youth were put into practice under the name of Hip Hop Project In, with the contributions of Ferrer-Salat Music Foundation.


Project In then took the steps to establish as an independent NGO with a group of artists and mental health professionals investigating arts-based interventions to address the contemporary needs of the immigrant and refugee community at risk.

Today, Project In is actively serving in Barcelona to improve the quality of life of the local community through engagement with art, with their projects Hip Hop Project In, Project In Sound High, Project In Co-create. 


The Yoga Project In and Circus Project In projects will soon start their activities so that we can engage and address wider audiences and age groups more effectively.

Meet The Team

Salih Gulbay

Psychologist, Music Therapist, DJ, Producer

M. Sofia Troise

Environmental Engineer, Circus & Yoga Facilitator

Sebastian Arteaga

Visual Artist

Adrian Simg

Sound Engineer, Composer

Nara Agacino

Social Media Manager

Matilde Fondon

Psychologist, Advisor of the educational project

Estevao Zanin

Cultural promoter, Event organization

Ander Draw

Rapper, singer & music producer

Victor Arrebola

Musical development, painting & gastronomy

Furkan Odabaşı

Archaeologist, Cultural Consultant

Our Collaborators

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